Welcome to Sensibly Shane, my newest site endeavor,

I am a  student affairs professional working in Residence Life in Ohio. I originally created a website to show the world what I have done as a #SAGrad and to prepare for my first full time job search. Did I still have a story to tell? There are a great many things out in the world that could benefit from my sensible approach to student affairs practice and thus I have decided to continue with on with this website, though with a slightly different name.

You, reader, are inadvertently on  journey with me as I try to find out who I am as a student affairs professional. I have my quirks, habits, and underlying beliefs but I am by no means entirely done. I am an eternal learner, dedicated to contemplating the work that I do and always trying to make it easier, or at least more organized. I use this website as a blog to talk about pieces of my origin story or experiences that I have had that could prove helpful to someone else. I also try my best to look at the many tools that we as professionals. I am constantly learning about a new software, web apps, or way of classification that I think would be beneficial to the work I do. Occasionally I have used tools that I want to tell others about and I create and curate web pages dedicated to helping me share that information to those who might help.

I am Sensibly Shane and I’m happy to have you here. Please review my site and do not be afraid to leave a comment. I can only improve when I am challenged or given more information and resources!

Want to contact me? Email me at syoung@sensiblyshane.com

Contributions: Thanks to Starline from Freepik for the image used in my header.
Designed by Starline / Freepik

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