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My Word

For the past two years our office has engaged in an activity in which we establish a “word” whose definition outlines a theme that we want for our professional and, in some cases, our personal lives. This activity is one of my favorites because it does not involve other persons. It is a thought exercise that forces me to look within myself and reflect not only on who I am, but who I want to be. These types of exercises are my favorite. Personally, I think these activities can build a stronger team than any human knot, hula hoop, or rope team building activity. This year, I want to showcase some of the thoughts that I have had over the past several weeks as I attempt to determine what my Word will be for this year. The future is meaningless without the past so how about a review?


Word: Heuristic

I chose this particular word because at the time it was representative of my supervision style. Also, it was a word I have had never encountered until I looked for it and looked cool. Throughout my liberal arts education I was taught too never accept the answer or solution given to me at face value. I was to analyze it and consider the meaning behind it and the consequences of accepting the action. In many cases I was presented with complex problems with no clear solution and forced to defend and critically analyze the solution I came to. This rigorous education created a supervisory style that asks for others to give me their answer.


Image that reads: Heuristic to me means that I am not always capable,and in some cases, am unwilling to give you the answers you seek. Why? Sometimes you need to find the answers on your own. Plan, try, fail, try again. Twitter symbol @ShaneYoung15 



Word: Logos

I chose this word in response to what I perceived to be an influx in emotion based decision-making in my professional life. It was not something that made sense to me and still confuses me to this day. This word was chosen to further define who I am as a professional. I am logical. I focus on facts and reason in my decision-making and make the decision that makes the most sense.


Cartoon image of the author with a half full progress bar titled “Thinking” and a thought bubble reading: Logos: Convince b use of logic or reason’ use of critical thinking to reach a conclusion or solution


Word: ???

I do not have a word yet. I am still trying to figure it out, but here are some thoughts.

Exodus: My current position considers itself a “three and up” curriculum where at the end of my time here I ought to have enough experience to move up the food chain (most assistant director positions are now requiring 4-5 years of experience, but that’s a whole different story). My time is ending and I must make my exit. My life is a series of exits, but how does one leave a place? Because my watch is ending do I have more hills to die on? How does one set up a supervisory area for the unknown next person? Should the theme of my final year be the fact that it is my final year? Perhaps even my final year in student affairs?

Reality: One of my major struggles with other persons within my own work is that we often have very different experiences and expectations of the same scenario. In many respects I think that leaders often have idealistic notions of reality that they espouse without the consideration of the actual state of things. I see the world through mild pessimism and severe realism. I think and speak with candor in order to make my bleak reality make a little more sense.

Conflict: Internal reflection brings a lot of conflict to the surface. As someone who is often lost in their own thoughts I am often internally conflicted about my place in the world and struggling to acknowledge and accept the changes that are occurring within my life. In addition, and you may have caught this impression from my last post, I believe that conflict is a part of life both professionally and personally. As I exit my time in my current role and react to a harsh reality there is bound to be conflict. I want to be prepared and I want to prepare others for this eventuality.

These are just a couple of possibilities. What are your thoughts? Do these fit? What other theme might represent me?