Kent State University – Coursework

One important characteristic of being an #SAGrad is being in a Master’s program! I attended Kent State University for their competitive and practicum based Higher Education Administration and Student Personnel program. It is a two year program with required courses in College Student Development, Higher Education Law, Leadership in Education, Multiculturalism, and Business Administration. This all culminates in our final required course, Case Studies, where we are required to reflect on and apply the skills gained throughout previous coursework.

Please feel free to view some of the work I have done during my time at Kent State in this section as well as the syllabi so you can better understand the content covered during these courses.

We are also required to complete a minimum of two practicum experiences as a part of our curriculum as well. You can find more information under the Internships tab.

Plan of Study Overview

This program has given me so much knowledge about a world that I never knew existed around me. I never knew that the persons I was working with as an engaged student were, in fact, purposefully working in colleges and universities.

Throughout this program, I gained the “core experiences” as described above, but I have also gained an appreciation for and knowledge of multiple other topics throughout my electives. In my Assessment and Evaluation class, I learned about creating comprehensive plans to evaluate and improve the work that I do; in Faculty Roles, I learned about the chaotic balance between service, research, and teaching that those in the academy experience; in History of Higher Education, I learned the origin story of higher education and discussed contemporary issues with a historical lens; in Internationalization, I began to develop an understanding of the vast complexity of what it means to  create “global citizens”; and in Everything e-Learning, I learned about learning in the online context and developed a basic understanding of how to foster student learning in a variety of contexts.