Have you ever needed to schedule a meeting, but don’t have time to go through dozens of emails to check everyone’s availability? Doodle might be for YOU!

Doodle is an tool that allows you to schedule calls, meetings, and more with just two emails.

Check out this video to see how easy it can be:


Anyone can create a Doodle account and get the basic functionality of Doodle. But, if you want some extra features you will want to be prepared to pay a little.

Check out this link for a detailed list of what you get. The most important changes you will is the addition of calendar integration. Why look at your calendar and fill out a Doodle when it will do it for you? Ads-free? Everyone loves that. Another awesome feature you get is the ability to see who is missing. If Jake from State Farm hasn’t filled out his Doodle for his next staff meeting, you will know it.

This video will show you more about the calendar connect feature:


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