About Me

G’day friends! My name is Shane Young.

My original plan was to obtain my Political Science degree and then head to law school. I wanted to be a lawyer and eventually a politician. This was my dream for as long a I could remember however I experienced a sudden disillusionment with my life plan beginning in my junior and senior year of undergrad. There were two individuals in my life who saw the work I did as a student leader and provided me an alternative. The Director of the Office of Campus Involvement and my Area Hall Director introduced me to the world of student affairs and assisted my realization that all of the work I was currently doing was a part of this umbrella. It was an “aha” moment!

Fast forward through two years in graduate school and several years working professionally in residence life and I have learned a lot about myself and my own personal brand of student affairs. Here is a short list:

  • I will never like icebreakers or team-builders no matter how long I work in the field
  • Political Science was a perfect background to have before working in student affairs
  • I find it difficult to support things I do not understand
  • Always get it in writing
  • “Summer is not a panacea for the work we have failed to set time aside for.” (See post here)
  • I am an introvert (well, I knew that, but I didn’t know how MUCH of an introvert I was)
  • My number one strength “Restorative” is me 100%
  • There is usually not a clear cut “right” answer

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