JotForm is a form creation tool that I have recently begun playing with because I wanted to include it on my website and so it has happened! This informational post is meant to give viewers some basic information about tools that may be applicable to their lives. Without further ado, let us talk about JotForm!


Who better to introduce JotForm than JotForm? Watch this brief YouTube video for an explanation of what it is.


Like most people I really like free things and luckily JotForm does have a free or “Starter” version that allows for 100 monthly submissions from 5 forms. The Starter Version allows for the user to receive a total of 10 payments per month, has 100 MB available space for when forms need documents attached, but also has the perk of not limiting the number of fields or reports a user can have per form.

There are three paid versions of JotForm as well and you can view them here. For my non-profit viewers there is a nonprofit discount available for the paid plans (see the link above).

Example of Form

In order to showcase many of the options that are available in JotForm, I elected to create a test form to show all of you. See the form here or at the bottom of the page.

Overall Thoughts

As I used JotForm to design a form it steadily grew on me. The form builder could use some aesthetic updates, but its functionality is logical and easy to understand. I particularly like the ability to have unlimited fields in the “free” version, which is a perk not every form creation software shares. In this same vein, being able to create an unlimited amount of reports based off submitted data is a very useful tool.

If you or your organization are able to dedicate a portion of the annual budget to creating forms, each pricing tier of JotfForm offers significant increases. The Bronze version ($19/month) increases monthly submissions, form views, and available space by 10 (1,000, 10,000, and 10 GB respectively) while also granted unlimited total submission storage.

Overall, JotForm is a very viable and affordable form creator that could prove beneficial to officers or departments that need to collect data from multiple persons in real time.

Form Example