Media Creation (Infographics, Facebook covers, and more!)

Not every office has Photoshop software and someone who is trained to use it, but never fear there are options for those of us who who might be Photoshop challenged.


Canva is a tool that I learned about from the awesome header image on a colleague’s ePortfolio. I also used it to create my business cards! It is important to note that most of the content is free, however, certain templates and images do have a nominal cost associated with them (one dollar).

Check out some of the videos curated here for tutorials and more information about what you can do with Canva.


My understanding is that Piktochart is primarily an infographic making tool, but you can make reports or posters too.. It is very similar to Canva in its user interface as well, so if you utilize one- you can easily utilize the other. Piktochart is another “freemium” application. This means that a portion of its use is free to any user, but that there is the option to pay for more content or tools. With a free account (see the comparison here) you receive limited templates, limited image uploads, you can only publish publicly, images are exported in low resolution, and you have a Piktochart watermark on your finished product.

Here are some examples of what I have made using Piktochart:

Systems of eLearning

eLearning Glossary

My Values

Here’s another Pinterest board with tutorials and other info!


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