Meeting and Administrative Tracking

I have not ever had a job that did not require me to attend meetings of some sort. Staff meetings to discuss information for a group or individual meetings are a part of my everyday life. Because I know that I am not the best at keeping track of pieces of paper I though that it may be useful to have some sort of electronic method of tracking information. So I built or adapted some forms to do just that.

Administrative Tracking

Weekly Report, Programming, and Bulletin Board Tracking

This can be used to help keep up with all the submissions submitted by staff to complete a community development model.

Budget and One-on-One Tracking

Budget and One-on-One Tracking

This form combines the budget tracking form and creates two columns where a supervisor can write the date of the meeting and notes. In my example I made things I needed to follow up on in bold.

Duty Log

Duty Log

Duty logs differ from institution to institution and sometimes even from staff to staff. This Excel duty log is designed to be created as a OneDrive file that allows your staff to edit it live and for their fellow staff members to see what was submitted. This can help reduce the quantity of warnings a particular room gets because a staff member “did not know they were given a warning last night.”

One-on-One Sheets

Student Staff

Graduate Staff

Both of these documents were adapted from Manager Tools One on One Basics by

Visitation Logs

This visitation/interaction log is based off a form that one of my internships used. The Director wanted to demonstrate, with data, how valuable the resource was to the University’s students. The form was able to demonstrate that the office had significant impact and in the years since compiling this data has received increases in staffing and office space. I think that this form has a similar end-goal, but can also be used to keep track of a high traffic office to collect data for future decision making.