Office of Campus Involvement

My senior year during my time as an undergraduate at Hiram College I interned with our Office of Campus Involvement (OCI). I was a very involved student leader, but I was not very well versed in the administrative side of event planning and student engagement. I worked with Alex Ulbricht, one of my two mentors who are the reason I pursued higher education and student affairs as a career ath.

Some of the work I did included

  • Updated Hiram College website
    • Our student organizations descriptions and webpages had not been updated in a long time. A part of my responsibility was going through the 70+ organizations descriptions and updating them so future students could know what to expect!
  • Marketing
    • OCI was an office of one and it was difficult to brainstorm, market, implement, and assess all of the programs offered. When I could, I created publicity materials to be sent out to the campus.
  • Even Planning
  • Orientation
    • OCI had been recently given responsibility for overseeing Orientation and my experience as an Orientation Leader for two years made me a perfect choice for doing some work!
    • Benchmark: I researched similar institutions’ Orientation programs as a part of a benchmark to determine if there were changes that other institutions had made that might be feasible for Hiram College to make in the future.
    • Orientation Leader Cheat Sheet
      • I created a packet for Orientation Leader Training that had facts about Hiram College that students may ask about. It also had a FAQ section created from my experience.
      • Check it out here

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