Does programming even need any more introduction? Hosting events and activities ranging from movie nights, dance parties, to full scale concerts. There is so much under the umbrella that is programming that I do not believe I will ever be able to do justice to this topic. But that doesn’t mean I shall not try!

First Six Week Programming Model

As a part of my role I was asked to draft what were some potential programming models for the first six weeks for residential college students. I drafted two options but we ultimately ended up going in a different direction. Use this for inspiration!

First Six Weeks Programming

First 8 Weeks Programming


Programming Proposal/Evaluation

I love building forms. After I built a program proposal/evaluation form I took some time to improve upon it even more. This is built using Jotform, but you may be able to replicate some features in other form builders. If you’re a Jotform organization, feel free to clone this and use it yourself. It includes a neat series of logic that will generate an email reminder to fill out the evaluation the day after the  program!

Program Proposal / Evaluation