Proposals & Requests

In some cases changes need to be made. In every single one of my jobs I have proposed and implemented change. It is never easy and sometimes requires cutting through a lot of administrative red-tape. One part of this process is taking your idea and writing it down. These resources may help.

Recommendation Form

This simple recommendation form is one that I have used as a part of a committee that I chaired. The form is pretty simple asking for a reason for the change, what the actual recommendation is, and then a section for additional documentation. I recommend you combine this form with a proposal tracking form to ensure adequate follow up is arranged.

Special Project Request

This request form is inspired by a form that was used during my undergraduate years for student organizations to propose budgets for the next academic year. In this form users can select from a wide variety of topics such as editing, creating, or discontinuing administrative processes. This also allows the request of funding in order to complete the request. There is also an option for the committee/decision maker to include how much funding is allocated.