As a member of multiple student affair groups on Facebook I constantly see other members asking for advice, documents, templates, and more. I am always super glad to see my fellow professionals opting to not reinvent the wheel and using the field’s resources instead of designing yet another template for tracking budgets or email templates. My talents  lie in building processes, procedures, and policies (3Ps). I want to build the 3Ps in such a way that they match up with an institution or department’s mission, but more importantly make sense. I recognize that sense is not a neutral term and sometimes something that is Sensibly Shane (see what I did there?) is absolutely confusing to another person. This is where this page, and ultimately, my entire online presence comes in.

I want to create and curate things I use or have created and make them as widely available as possible. I want everyone to be able to download information from this website and then take it and make it their own. If a user makes awesome changes to my templates I would love to learn about them so I can make my own resources better for those who take some time to visit my website. This is just the beginning. I hope you find a resource to make your work life just a little more sensible.

Check out the pages by clicking resources at the top menu labeled “Resources” and if you see something you like feel free to take it, use it, change it.