Safe Zone

As a part of some work that I did over the course of Summer 2015 at Notre Dame College for Karl Rishe, the Dean of Students, I updated our Safe Zone training. The college had implemented it the year before, but we received feedback from several groups who had undergone the training and made some adjustments.

We split Safe Zone training into two modules, one online and one in person. The first module is meant to explain basic definitions to those undergoing training. The second module focuses on the ally training and assumes you’ve have gained a foundational understanding of the basic definitions.

Check out the learning goals for both modules here!

Module One

Here is a web-version of the information presented in module one. In the actual module, we have a small quiz to ensure that the participant has watched and understood the content.

Human Sexuality is Complicated

Gender Identity

Sexuality Explained

Bisexuality Myths




Introduction to being an ally


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