Technology Corner

Technology is an important piece of our lives today and it takes many forms from the smartphone to the laptop. We are surrounded by it constantly. However, it has also made our lives significantly easier. We can now create and share documents faster than ever before, collaborate with persons from across the world in real time, or become YouTube stars. Technology has rapidly changed the way we communicate.

Furthermore, in the ACPA/NASPA Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Educators released in August 2015 featured Technology as a new competency. Here’s what Professional Competencies Task Force had to say about the competency:

The Technology competency area focuses on
the use of digital tools, resources, and technologies
for the advancement of student learning,
development, and success as well as the improved
performance of student affairs professionals.
Included within this area are knowledge, skills, and
dispositions that lead to the generation of digital
literacy and digital citizenship within communities
of students, student affairs professionals, faculty
members, and colleges and universities.

This section of my website is designed to feature some of the technology that I have used over my life and that I really enjoyed using. It may take many forms, whether it is a paid service, “freemium”, or an open educational resource. Please, check out the resources on this page and see if it might work for you. If you have something you want me to investigate- let me know via Twitter and I’ll look into giving it a try!


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