Templates and Documents

Looking for an email template? Maybe a Room Condition Report to spice up your administrative life? This is the section for you! Consider this my… miscellaneous section until I create or curate more content. I periodically review Facebook groups for what people are looking for and when I have some spare time I get crafty (in Word and Excel mostly).

Calendar Templates

Academic Calendar Multicell

This calendar template is my favorite because it is dynamic and can easily be changed to match the year. However, one cell was not good enough for me. Now there are 8 different cells for each calendar day. Perfect for a duty calendar for 8 different duty areas!

Email Templates

Administrative Move Email Template

If it isn’t written down or emailed is it even real? NO! This template is good for providing written documentation for students who are moving rooms. Copy the text and save it as an Outlook email template and you can be generating confirmation emails as fast as can be!

Interim Space Change Letter Template

Sometimes students need to change spaces temporarily. This template helps add some more accountability and organization to that process especially when a parent calls the next day wondering why a room change didn’t happen. “I’m just going to stay with a friend” they said. Great! Please sign this letter indicating that you were offered and refused a temporary room. I love documentation!

Room Condition Reports

Room Condition Report (Suite and Apartment)

This is a residence life and housing specialty! I have been using RCRs to check room conditions for… a very long time. This particular document is has two RCRs: one for suite style (shared bathroom) and one for an apartment. When printing, be sure to indicate that you want to fit everything on one page.