Upward Bound

In Spring 2015 I interned at Kent State University’s Upward Bound Math/Science Bio-Scholars program. This was the first internship that I did as a part of my Master’s program. It was a really great experience though and I learned a lot about TRIO programs, something that I had very little experience with.

Not sure what Upward Bound is? Find out more here.

What did I do?

I worked primarily on a data project for Upward Bound (UB). I utilized UB’s annual performance reports  (APRs) for the past six years to look at UB’s holistic performance as well as for the most recent finished year to create an “annual report.” This project was done not only for UB Math Science, but also for UB Classic and UB Public Health. It was a very large project!

At the end of my internship I presented the results of my work to the UB staff at their department meeting. I have not received permission to publish the presentation as of yet, but here is an overview of the data I presented on:

  • Average GPA for UB and individually for each program
  • Matriculation of UB students to Kent State University
  • Math and Reading standardized tests passage
    • I calculated the program’s averages and also disaggregated this data  by individual high schools served.
  • Graduation Rates
    • Six year average, annual average and I also disaggregated this data by individual high schools served.
  • Post Graduate Attendance
    • Six year average, annual average, and I also disaggregated this data by individual high schools served.

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