Convince by use of logic or reason; use of critical thinking to reach a conclusion or solution


I offer honesty throughout to my supervisees and I expect a similar level of honesty in return. A significant portion of my job is to ensure a base level of performance, to remedy any errors, and to encourage growth in professional skills for their future careers. Being honest, even when they have done wrong, is the best course of action.


“We can talk about it as much as you want, but I won’t believe a single word until I have it in writing. Even then I am skeptical.” – One of my office signs. I have been subject to verbal agreements falling apart because I had no documents to make my case. In order to avoid this, I love receiving and sending emails of conversations previously had or taking detailed notes of meetings.


I believe that in order for work to be fulfilling it must challenge us. I believe in challenging my staff to grow over the course of a year. You can do better and I want to assist you in getting to that point. I also believe that challenge applies to me as well. I can do better. Challenge my ideas and assumptions. I have changed my mind before and I hope it happens again.


“I am not always capable, and in some cases, am unwilling to give you the answers you seek. Why? Sometimes you need to find the answers on your own. Plan, try, fail, try again.” Employers desire a workforce capable of critical thinking. They want professionals who can problem solve without constant management. I believe the best way to do this is to help develop these skills now.


As a student leader, I valued my independence as a supervisee.  I was trusted to do my job and do it well. My supervisor was there as a resource, to offer challenges, and advise when was puzzled. I give a similar level of independence to my supervisees. I am a guide on the side.




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