Word Clouds

Check out this article by Erin Greenawald, written for The Daily Muse about using a word cloud for your resume!

I recently used a word cloud to generate the most used terms in my resume and I was astounded at the visual representation (after I eliminated filler words) of my professional life. My experiences at Hiram College were bold to demonstrate the quantity of my activities there.

Although using a word cloud for your resume is a pretty good option, there are other ways they can be used as well. During my time as an intern for Career Services, I worked with our internship coordinator to develop marketing for the internship experience at Notre Dame College. We created a word cloud from buzzwords regarding internships to convey the importance of completing one for your future careers.

Word clouds can convey many text-based content in a visual format, which is good for those who learn visually! Some other uses you may find are in reports of assessment data. If you are a food service provider and you implement an assessment of the quality of your food, perhaps you want to show the results in big and bold to enunciate a point? For instance if “delicious” and “affordable” were two terms that occurred the most in the assessment, the owner/s would feel really good about seeing that in a word cloud. However, if “cleanliness” was noticeably lighter- it would visually convey that it is an area ripe for improvement

Word Cloud Generators

There are multiple word cloud generators. Erin Greenawald mentioned using TagCrowd.

Here are a couple others:

Props to Katie Lepi from Edudemic for putting this list together here.


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