Wufoo is a form designing tool that I have extensive experience especially during my time while an undergrad at Hiram College. One of my proudest moments was advocating for and succeeding in obtaining a Student Senate user account to the College’s official Wufoo account.

Watch this YouTube video for an Introduction to Wufoo Form Builder

As you learned in the video, Wufoo can be used for any number of things!


It should be noted that many of these functions are available only with user accounts which have signed up for a paid plan. Pricing information may be viewed here.
The “Gratis” or free version allows you to create 3 forms with 10 fields that can receive up to 100 entries per month which is useful for only a small series of tasks.

Overall Thoughts

I have the most experience with Wufoo out of any of the form creation tools on my website so I am slightly biased… I think that Wufoo offers a lot of ability to organizations to turn processes usually done via paper into an e-form including waivers, job applications, reports, etc.. however you must pay for it. The largest weakness of Wufoo is its free version as it does not give users many options with its 10 field limit.

Examples of Forms

Here is an example of an Event Registration form provided by Wufoo in their Form Gallery. I have seen these used for event/space registrations at the institutional level.

Here is an example of an Employment Application form provided by Wufoo in their Form Gallery.

Feel free to peruse the templates and examples of what can be created with Wufoo.


The Report generation portion of Wufoo is super helpful! It allows you lots of functionality to create stunning visual reports based on the form submissions. Please view the following example. As you can see from the form you can insert information with simple raw data from the reports such as how many entries have been completed, how many times the form has been viewed, and there is even the ability to see the conversion of that data. For each individual field you are able to create a bar or pie graph to visually represent data.
If you want to ask open ended questions- you can also embed a feed that lists submitter’s comments, when they submitted, and what form number to find it on. It is really useful! One more thing about the reports: you can generate them as links and email them to your audience and even protect them with a password.

The downside is that you cannot print the report with all the fancy graphs. You can, however, take a screenshot or export your data. If you need a more specific report/calculation you will need to export the data into Microsoft Excel to do so.

Customer Support

Wufoo is super user friendly, but if you do have any questions or do not understand how to do something there are ample ways to learn how. If your institution supports Wufoo, you can ask the department who oversees the master account (College Relations or Institutional Technology) for assistance. I have dubbed these users as “Wufoo Masters.”
Alternatively you can check out their Youtube Channel here or check out their blog here!


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