In the spirit of the New Year, I wanted to take some time to write some resolutions to share with the world. I know it is cliché and that I could have adopted these at any point in the last semester, but I take some comfort in knowing that there are millions of other people just like me striving to do and be better. Here are my resolutions for the New Year:

Be more concise

Writing a grant proposal during my internship last semester helped me understand that getting to the point quickly and effectively is very much needed in Student Affairs.

Keep learning

Although as a graduate student I should be learning, I am referring to developing skills and learning more outside of the confines of the classroom. Over the past semester, I delved into learning HTML, Photoshop, and some other software and I need to continue this trend.


Many student Affairs professionals have a hard time finding this mysterious “balance” and I am no exception. I find myself in the office early and late in the same day! I want to better balance out my priorities.


My odds of coming into a large sum of money are very slim. I want to become better at saving and managing my money. Because I am more than likely going to have to move for my anticipated new job in June or July, I need to develop this a little bit faster than the others.


The most typical of all my resolutions, but also the most important. I know I am not in healthy condition and I have put this off long enough. I need to change my lifestyle. It’s hard. I managed to do it well over the summer when I had fewer priorities, but I need to balance (see resolution #3) my responsibilities while they are happening.


What are your resolutions? Share them in the comments below!